Call for Papers/Handling

The next Papers will be called upon late February 2021 for the 33 rd ICAS Congress in Stockholm Sweden.

Dear Prospective ICAS Authors,

Thank you for your interest in the ICAS Shanghai Congress. As you are probably aware at this point, due the postponement of the Congress to 6-10 September 2021, ICAS is able to accept additional abstracts for the Shanghai Congress. However, since these newly submitted abstracts are completely outside the usual method of operation of ICAS and we are less than one year away from the Congress, we are requesting that the new extended abstracts be as complete as possible. Moreover, the decision process will be heavily weighted in favor of those prospective authors that submit a draft of their full paper, instead of a two- or three-page abstract. Under no circumstances will the ICAS Program Committee accept an abstract that fails to address properly the objectives and motivations of the proposed paper, the theory or the methodological aspects of the work developed, and actual results that indicate that the authors are nearing completion of the proposed research.

The new deadlines concerning the paper handling are as follows:

01 March 2021: Submission deadline for new abstracts
01 June 2021: Paper upload deadline for 'old' and 'new' papers
22 June 2021: Until that date authors will get recommendations to improve their papers by the programme committee
15 July 2021: Deadline for uploading of the corrected papers
25 July 2021: Papers will be reviewed by the programme committee for incorporated recommended changes and evaluated
Be advised that your paper will also be checked by a different person for formal errors like no compliance to the template. So you might get comments for your paper by two different persons.

Additionally for all authors we'll send out an email to all authors asking for their intentions due to the new date. This email goes to the primary and secondary author. Since we are interested in the information whether your presentation will be held in 2021 please make sure that the information requested is concerning the presentation and not a single author. So if at least one author will participate please mark the respective intention box.
Please refrain from sending emails to the secretariat in case you want to keep your submission as planned. Only if you definitely don't see a chance to keep your submission by any means, we'll appreciate an email with that information.


Since the information for the original Call for papers is still valid you'll find it below:

Our Call for Papers for the 32nd ICAS congress in Shanghai can be found here.

The paperupload page for accepted papers for the 32nd ICAS congress in Shanghai can be found here

Please visit this paper handling page for frequent updates concerning information about the upload/handling process of your abstract/paper.
If you contact us via email always include your abstract/paper ID.

For updates concerning the congress itself please visit

If your abstract was selected as a reserve paper please refrain from sending emails about becoming an active oral presentation.
If and when that would happen we obviously cannot tell but you'll get the information as soon as your paper moves up to an active presentation.

Be advised that all changes concerning your paper (authors, e-mail adresses and so on) must be done by you when you Log in on the upload page. Only paper title changes have to be send by email to the secretariat. You can upload/change information on that portal as often as you like till the upload deadline expires.

We offer those authors with the status "standby" the option to present their paper additionally as am interactive presentation if their paper stays standby. For those authors it would mean some extra work preparing an additional interactive presentation. As soon as a paper moves to an active oral presentation this option is obviously no longer valid.
If you want to take this option please indicated that on your upload page till January 31st 2020 even if you haven't uploaded anything till that date.

Both Word and LaTex paper templates for the 2021 ICAS congress are available for download. It is mandatory that you use them before you upload your paper.