Below you can find links to short reports from earlier ICAS workshops starting from 2003.
On these pages you will also find the links to the presentations made at the workshops.

ICAS Workshop 2003 "Towards a Global Vision for Aeronautics”

ICAS Workshop 2005 "Towards a Global Vision on Aviation Safety and Security"

ICAS Workshop 2007 "UAV-Airworthiness, certification and access to the airspace"

ICAS Workshop 2009 "Aviation and Environment"

ICAS Workshop 2011 "Advanced materials and manufacturing - Certification and operational challenges"

ICAS Workshop 2013 "The more electrical aircraft: Achievements and perspectives for the future"

ICAS Workshop 2015 “Complex Systems Integration in Aeronautics”

Emerging Technology Forums

Since 2015 the former workshops were called Emerging Technology Forums

ICAS Emerging Technology Forum 2017 "Intelligent and Autonomous Technologies in Aeronautics"

ICAS Emerging Technology Forum 2019 "Digital Transformation in Aerospace"

Future ICAS Emerging Technology Forum

The next ICAS Emerging Technology Forum will be held 2023 in Kyoto, Japan.