Council Members of the ICAS Member Societies

The following persons represent the ICAS Member Societies:

C. Bil, Australia
H. Deconinck, Belgium
L. Santos de Brito Alvez, Brazil
G. Languedoc,Canada
J.C. Yao, China
J. Juracka, Czech Republic
M. Kanerva, Finland
B. Stoufflet, France
E. Stumpf, Germany
D. Rohacs, Hungary
Y. Kumar, India
H. Djojodihardjo, Indonesia
O. Rand, Israel
A. Viviani, Italy

K. Rinoie, Japan
S. Lee, Korea
C. Hermans, The Netherlands
T. Goetzendorf-Grabowski, Poland
L. M. B. C. Campos, Portugal
D. Prunario, Romania
A. Mirzoyan, Russia
B. Rasuo, Serbia
J. S. Monk, South Africa
A. Blom, Sweden
L. Manfriani, Switzerland
F. Haselbach, United Kingdom
S. Magill, U.S.A.

The actual ICAS Statutes were approved 2012 in Brisbane, Australia, and can be downloaded here.