33th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences

15 - Guest lectures


M. Page, United States; J. Vassberg, United States

JetZero was formed in 2016 to develop a commercial BWB Airliner. This airplane will enter service in 2030-2035 with a family that will span the 737/A320 Single-Aisle market to the 787/A330 twin-aisle market. Current projections show 30% lower fuel-burn than future tube-and-wing airliners with the same engine technology. In addition, the BWB offers a cumulative noise benefit of 30dB compared to the same benchmark, and 40dB to the latest Chapter-14/Stage-V standard.rnPerhaps the most exciting opportunity afforded by the JetZero BWB is transition to Hydrogen. BWBs offer the volume needed for LH2 at a much lower cost than todays Tube-and-Wing technology. The JetZero family is being designed simultaneously to provide aircraft that span 190 to 300 passengers with provisions for full LH2 adoption, plus Freighter and Tanker options.rnThis presentation will describe the present baseline design, NASA initiatives directed to advancing BWB readiness, the technologies that increased the BWB energy advantage to 30%, and the path to LH2 integration.

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