Proceedings from previous congresses are available online. For each paper included in these CD Rom proceedings, a html page with a short summary plus keywords has been created to make the papers searchable via internet.


You may still purchase the full CD Rom proceedings from these congresses from the ICAS Secretariat at a cost of 120 EUR.

Proceedings from congresses before 1998 were printed in thick bound paper volumes. These papers have been scanned and individual papers are available for download.

The complete lists of content (as searchable pdf) from ICAS 1958 - ICAS 1996 can be downloaded via links below.

We are working to make all papers available online. If there's no download link there's no paper.

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An ICAS Congress is always hosted by one of the ICAS Member Societies, who prepares a proposal together with a local congress center and local sponsors.

The Requirements for Hosting an ICAS Congress can be downloaded here.