ETF Workshop 2013

"The More Electrical Aircraft – Achievements and perspectives for the future"

In connection with the meeting of the ICAS Programme Committee, September 2013 in Capetown, South Africa a one-day workshop was arranged. The workshop provided an excellent possibility to experts from all over the world in the field to exchange views and to identify further areas of potential cooperation. It was coordinated with the South African IASSA annual congress. The workshop programme, the presentations during the workshop and the media release can be downloaded below. In case of problem with downloading - contact the ICAS Secretariat.

Workshop Programme

The future of more electrical aircraft
Sebastien Remy, EADS, France

The future of more electrical aircraft
Askin Isikveren, Bauhaus-Luftfahrt, Germany

The future of more electrical aircraft
Bruno Stoufflet, Dassault Aviation, France

Demonstration systems of the gas turbine engine for the « electric airplane »
Artur Mrizoyan, CIAM, Russia

Recent advances and future electrical landing gear systems
Patrice Nevoret, Saffran, France

Summarising Media Release from ICAS Workshop 2013