ETF Workshop 2005

In connection with the meeting of the ICAS Programme Committee, early October 2005 at Mykonos, Greece a one-day workshop was held on the theme:

"Towards a Global Vision on Aviation Safety and Security"

The workshop provided the opportunity to international experts in the field of Aviation Safety and Security to exchange views and to identify further areas of potential cooperation.

The summary report, including several references, can be downloaded below. In case of problem with downloading - contact the ICAS Secretariat.

ICAS Mykonos Workshop October 2005 - Summary Report Final

REF1: JAA Safety Strategy Initiative (JSSI) - André Auer, JAA

REF2: The Next Generation Air Transportation System (JPDO) - Jerry Newsom, NASA

REF3: Aviation Safety Monitoring in Europe - Fred Abbink, NLR

REF 4: Single European Sky Implementation Plan (SESAME) - Jan van Doorn, Eurocontrol

REF5: Flight Safety Research in Japan - Yoshikazu Miyazawa, JAXA

REF6: HAES Issues for discussion at ICAS Workshop

REF7: Research for a Secure Europe - Ernst van Hoek, WEAG

REF8: EU/Eurocontrol Aviation Security Research - Fred Abbink, NLR

REF9: Security for Aircraft in the Future European Environment (SAFEE) - Daniel Gaultier, Sagem

REF10: NASA Aviation Safety & Security Program - Jerry Newsom, NASA