ETF Workshop 2003

During the last few years a number of visionary and strategic documents on the future of aeronautics have been developed world-wide. What they all have in common is a focus on societal needs and some key challenges for aeronautics to meet those needs.

In connection with the meeting of the ICAS Programme Committee, early October 2003 in Sorrento - Italy, a one-day workshop was held on the theme:

"Towards a Global Vision for Aeronautics”

The WORKSHOP GOALS/OBJECTIVES were stated as follows:
- Identify things that are of common interest (or differs)
- Develop creative ideas regarding a global vision for these key challenges

The speakers were asked to focus on "key aviation challenges" like safety & security, environmental goals, ATM-issues - issues for which a global vision should be very useful.

The summary report, including several appendices, can be found below.
In case of problem with downloading - contact the ICAS Secretariat.

ICAS Sorrento Workshop October 2003 Report

REF1 - Overview presentation ACARE SRA - D Schmitt

REF2 - Overview presentation NASA Aeronautics Blueprint

REF3 - Overview presentation Japan - S Suzuki

REF4 - Panel 1 - The Challenge of Environment in Europe (AC)

REF5 - Panel 1 - NASA FAA Environment R&D Activities

REF6 - Panel 1 - Greener by Design - John Green June 2003

REF7 - Panel 1 - Reducing Impact - John Green

REF8 - Panel 2 - Security R&T (ACARE WT3) - TK Hyunh

REF9 - Panel 2 - Security R&T Presentation - W Schmidt

REF10 - Panel 2 - ICAS Workshop Amiryants

REF11 - Panel 3 - Air Transport System Efficiency (ACARE WT)