33th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences

15 - Guest lectures


L.-Y. Jiang¹, X. Wu¹, Q. Yang¹; ¹National Research Council Canada, Canada

Based on erosion coupon tests, a sand erosion model for 17-4PH steel was developed. The developed erosion model was validated against the results of compressor erosion tests from a generic rig and from other researchers. A high-fidelity computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model of the test rig was built, a user defined function was developed to implement the erosion model into the ANSYS CFD software, and the turbulent, two-phase flow-field in multiple reference frames was solved. The simulation results are consistent with the test results from the compressor rig and experimental findings from other researchers. Specifically, the sand erosion blunts the leading edge, sharpens the trailing edge, and increases pressure-surface roughness. A quantitative comparison with three other sand erosion models indicates that the developed model has performed adequately.

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