33th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences

15 - Guest lectures


H.G.S.J. Thuis, NLR, Netherlands

The Garteur SM is active in initiating and organizing aeronautics oriented research on structures, structural dynamics and materials in general. Materials oriented research is related to material systems primarily for the airframe; it includes specific aspects of polymers, metals and various composite systems. Structural research is devoted to computational mechanics, loads and design methodology. Research on structural dynamics involves more especially response to shock and impact loading.rnThe group is active in theoretical and experimental fields of structures and materials to strengthen development and improvement of methods and procedures. Of great importance is the mutual simulation of the diverse scientific approaches. Experiments give new insights into the mechanisms of structural behavior that can be included in improved theoretical models. Finally, the theoretical results must be verified and validated by comparison with results from suitable experiments or trials.rnAlthough the specific topics vary over the years, the scientific basis remains largely unchanged. The work is looked upon as an upstream research intended to discover valuable areas of future activity; rnActivities within the Exploratory and Action Groups cover several aspects of improved conventional and new technologies, new structural concepts and new design and verification criteria. Recent, current and upcoming work is devoted to:rn• Fatigue and damage tolerance assessment of hybrid structuresrn• Damage repair with composites in composite and metallic structuresrn• Characterization and modelling of Composites with Ceramic Matrix submitted to severe thermo-mechanical loadingrn• Characterization of composites with polymer matrix at high temperaturesrn• Characterization and optimization of shock absorbers for civil aircraft fuselagesrn• Additive Layer Manufacturingrn• Structural health monitoring for hydrogen airc

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