33th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences

01.1 - Aircraft Design and Integrated System (Basics and Theory)


C. Jouannet, Saab Aeronautics, Sweden; I. Staack¹, T. Grönstedt², X. Zhao², P. Krus¹, A. Lundbladh, GKN Aerospace, Sweden; B. Nagel, DLR, Germany; ¹Linköpings University, Sweden ;²Chalmers, Sweden

The goal of the sustainable aviation for Sweden project is to analyze the possibilities offered by different technological solutions to achieve zero emission aviation. Firstly, the Swedish/Nordic network context is addressed and secondly the study is extended to the European context. The project will investigate the potential and feasibility of new or upgraded aircraft types based on the different technologies mapped from various published roadmaps and national expertise. This involves developing aircraft conceptual designs studies and trade analysis with regards to different fuel types, propulsion technologies, structure, operations, network and fleet management, and a range of relevant technologies. The project will, on a common technology basis, analyse a number of zero carbon fuels and associated technologies through operational studies and optimization to accelerate the introduction of fossil free aircraft technology and choosing optimal paths for making aviation sustainable.

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