33th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences

01.2 - Aircraft Design and Integrated System (Applications)


Z.-K. Liš, S.-G. Su, Aerospace Times Feihong Technology Co., Ltd. , China; Z.-Y. Liš, F.-R. Liš, G. Chaoš; šNorthwestern Polytechnical University, China

In order to ensure the safe production of mines, mining companies usually use a combination of manual inspection and online monitoring to conduct inspections on the mine tunnel environment and equipment operating status. Manual inspection has low efficiency, high labor intensity, and high degree of danger; online monitoring methods cover a small area, low maintenance efficiency, and high investment costs. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a flexible unmanned equipment that can replace personnel for mine inspections.This paper designs a mine inspection drone, which can complete inspection tasks in mines with complex environments and full of dangers. By combining the actual needs of mine inspections and the general principles of multi-rotor aircraft design, the design indicators for the use of mine inspection drones are proposed, and mine inspections are carried out on this basis. The HyperWorks is used to perform finite element analysis on the body structure and protective structure composed of carbon fiber composite materials. Then use CFD software to analyze the aerodynamic characteristics of the UAV, and obtain its parameters such as lift, drag, and pitching moment in the forward and lateral flow, as well as the flow field distribution in the hovering state.Finally, make a prototype of the test principle of the mine inspection drone. After debugging, the test flight is completed to check whether the principle prototype meets the technical requirements.

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