33th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences

01.1 - Aircraft Design and Integrated System (Basics and Theory)


C. Jouannet¹, K. Amadori¹, M. Emeneth, PACE America Inc., United States; A. Papageorgiou, Linköpings University, Sweden; ¹Saab Aeronautics, Sweden

This paper presents a case study of a study of an unmanned AEW/ISR platform, where current methods under development at Saab Aeronautics to provide better insight to technology impact and prioritization with respect to a future aircraft programs in aircraft conceptual design . The goal of this work was to test the capabilities and find the boundaries of a new tool for modelling and simulation recently introduced at the Saab. To this end, a typical technology assessment study was crafted as an application case, in which the impact on mission and vehicle performance metrics is assessed when different on-board system architectures and technology clusters are applied. The study was carried out in accordance to the methodology developed at Saab for technology assessment which has been already documented in previous publications

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