33th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences

01.1 - Aircraft Design and Integrated System (Basics and Theory)


P. Schmollgruber¹, C. Toussaint¹, A. Lepage¹, F. Bremmers², H. Jentink², L. Timmermans², N. Genito³, A. Rispoli³, D. Meissner, 5Airbus Operations GmbH, Germany; D. Kierbel, Airbus S.A.S., France; ¹ONERA, France ;²NLR, Netherlands ;³CIRA, Italy

In the frame of the European programme Clean Sky 2, a specific activity is dedicated to the validation of scaled flight testing as a viable test mean to derisk new technologies or configurations. The work is divided into a theoretical stream to investigate similarity and an experimental one relying on flights with a demonstrator similar to a known reference aircraft.

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