32th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences

02 - Systems Engineering and Integration


B. Xue, China; B. Luo, China; Z.J. Zhan, China; Y.H. Wang, China

Firstly, aiming at the research status of single-platform avionics system architecture modeling, using the methodology of US Department of Defense Architecture Framework(DoDAF)2.0, the service view is exploratorily applied to multi-platform avionics system, and the architecture is developed from a service-oriented perspective to realize the transformation of avionics architecture from product-centric to data-centric, in order to meet the needs of multi-platform avionics system in complex information environment. Then introduce the service-oriented multi-platform avionics system architecture modeling process and core key technologies in detail. At last, through the case of unmanned cluster cooperative detection, the modeling process and results of multi-platform avionics system service architecture are introduced. Finally, the paper puts forward some thoughts on the technical realization of service architecture implementation, which shows the design idea of multi-platform avionics system from architecture design to architecture implementation in an all-round way, which has certain reference significance.

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