32th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences

06.1 - Flight Dynamics and Control (Control & Modelling)


Y. Sun¹, M. Chang¹, J.Q. Bai¹; ¹NWPU, China

Micro quadrotors have great applications in the area of military events, civil use and scientific research due to its tiny size, agility and portability. However, miniaturization reduces the space of energy storge, leading to the loss of endurance and deterioration of deployment performance. Perching maneuvering, originating from birds perching, is a hot topic for exploring the solution for extending the endurance of micro quadrotor. This method aims to take the advantage of maneuverability to achieve perching the quadrotor on the inclined or vertical surface with the help of perching mechanism. When perching, interaction force from vertical surface could afford the gravity of quadrotor and there is no need to maintain the aerodynamics. Therefore, motors could be turned off and energy consumption would be much less than flight. Perching maneuvering involves complex problems such as motion control. In this paper, perching control is solved by trajectory generation and track control. First, dynamics model is built to describe the motion of perching quadrotor and the model is further simplified into longitudinal model. Then, planning trajectory is generated and initial state is set with reference to the perching restrictions. Finally, geometry control method is applied to achieve the tracking control and modified method is also brought up to make the track more precisely, which is verified in the Simulink experiments.

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