32th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences

01 - Aircraft Design and Integrated Systems


W. Su ¹, C. Dong¹, X.P. Wang, Shanghai Electro-Mechanical Engineering Institute, Shanghai, China; Y.T. Zuo, National Key Laboratory of Aerodynamic Design and Research, Nort, China; ¹Beijing Institute of Space Long March Vehicle, China

Waverider is lifting body that is derived from a known analytical flowfield such as flow over a two-dimensional wedge or flow around a slender cone. The term ‘Waverider’ is used to describe a geometry that has an oblique shock attached to its leading edge nicely. By containing high pressure air under the vehicle, the waverider effectively rides on the wave, providing the potential for high lift-to-drag ratios relative to conventional designs.rnIn this paper?a hypersonic vehicle model based on conic-flow waverider is developed. The aerodynamic performance is estimated with CFD method. The vehicle model is used to optimize maxium L/D with discrete adjoint method, in which control theory is applied directly to the set of discrete ?eld equations. If the discrete adjoint equation is solved exactly, then the resulting solution for the Lagrange multipliers produces an exact gradient of the discrete cost function. Since the time cost of discrete adjoint method is independent of design variables, it is quite suitable for design optimization with a lot of design variables. At last, this paper gives maximum L/D optimization with restrictions of actual volumetric efficiency and the total mass, which shows that this method is efficient for optimization of hypersonic vehicle.rn

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