32th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences

06.2 - Flight Dynamics and Control (UAV related)


W.Y. Zhouš, S.M. Heš, M.M. Tianš; šAVIC Xi’an Flight Automatic Control Research Institute, China

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) requires to maximize its maneuverability and has the control ability of high maneuvering flight in the process of attacking, escaping, and avoiding enemy weapon attacks in air combat to improve the survival probability. Aiming at the problems of aerodynamic coupling, strong nonlinearity and strong disturbance in the high maneuvering flight of UAV, a comprehensive high maneuvering flight control law with longitudinal, lateral, directional and speed multi control channels is designed based on the auto disturbance rejection controller (ADRC). The ADRCs of all control modes are composed of a third-order extended state observer (ESO), a second-order tracking differentiator (TD), and nonlinear state error feedback (NLSEF), which can realize the real-time estimation and compensation of disturbances from the inside and outside of the control system, so as to ensure the stability of UAV in the entire maneuvering flight. The effectiveness and reliability of the designed ADRC control law are verified by Kulbit maneuver control considering the deviation of aerodynamics. Through comparing with the classical PID control method, it is confirmed that the ADRC can effectively resist the internal and external interferences, maintain the response quality, and ensure robustness of the control system.

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