32th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences

03.3 - Basic Fluid Dynamics and Flow Control


A.M. Lipanov, Institute of Applied Mathematics RAS, Russia; I.I. Lipatov, TsAGI, Russia; S.A. Karskanov, Instiute of Mechanics, Germany

The phenomenon of the occurrence of the buffet onset in the transonic flow of the NACA0012 profile is numerically investigated. A mathematical model based on high-order approximation algorithms is proposed, allowing to calculate non-stationary separated flows. The model is based on the integration of quasi-hydrodynamic equations. A parametric study of high-velocity viscous gas flow around a profile is carried out depending on the angle of attack. Both instantaneous and averaged flow patterns are analyzed. Distributions of the pulsation characteristics of flow at different angles of attack are obtained. The regularities of the occurrence of the separation of the boundary layer are identified, the effect of shock waves on the flow pattern near the profile surface is determined. The critical angle of attack at which high-speed buffing begins is determined.

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