32th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences

03.1 - Aerodynamics – CFD Methods and Validation


X.L. Gao¹, Q.B. Zhang, National Defense Technology University, China; Z.H. Li, Beijing Pioneering Innovation Center of China Aerodynamics Resea, China; Q. Chen¹, W.K. Wang, AVIC Aerospace Life-Support Industries. Ltd, China; ¹China Aerodynamic R&D Center, China

Based on the multi-material Arbitrary Lagrange–Euler method, the coupling dynamic model between a viscous incompressible fluid and a flexible large deformation structure of the ram-air parachute is solved. The aerodynamic performance of the parachute trailing edge deflection under different flow conditions is analyzed. The aerodynamic parameters of the trailing edge deflection, including loads, and drag coefficients, are obtained by the FSI method, the flow structure evolution is simulated and analyzed. Meanwhile, the evolution of the three-dimensional shape of the trailing edge during large displacement deflection, and the structural dynamic behavior of the parachute is predicted. Then, the wake of unsteady fluid and the distribution of vortexes around the ram-air parachute are presented. Finally, the structural dynamic response of the canopy fabric under different flow velocity conditions is comparatively analyzed. The results show that the drag coefficients are nonlinearly rely on the deflection displacement of trailing edge, which corresponds with test results

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