32th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences

04.2 - Aerostructures Design, Structural Dynamics, Aeroelasticity


Y.C. Deng, SADRI, China; Y. Yang, ASRI, China; Y.Q. He, SIA, China; C. Sun, CAE, China; F. Qui, SAU, China

1 introductionrnThe morphing aircraft breaks through the fixed configuration conditions of traditional aircraft, which can not only maintain good maneuverability, but also increase a certain range, so the research of variable curvature wing is particularly important. A large number of studies have shown that flexible wings can reduce the weight of aircraft structures and improve the aerodynamic characteristics of aircraft. Through the control of the wing, the roll of the aircraft can be realized, and the wing flutter can be restrained, and the gust and maneuver load can be reduced. Flexible torsion wing is a kind of method to realize wing deformation. In order to make the torsion angle of the wing arbitrarily distributed, this paper studies the flexible drive beam in the wing structure. Once the aircraft has a flexible drive beam, it has the ability to deal with sudden changes in various flight conditions. This technology has a good application and development prospects.rn2 Application theory of flexible mesh tube structure establishedrnHere, the torsion deformation of flexible reticulated tube spar is studied. Although it is a typical geometric deformation, it is not difficult to find that the deformation has obvious characteristics of large deformation and small strain. In view of such mechanical deformation problem, the cumulative recursion method is proposed to solve the engineering problem. The concept and principle of cumulative recursion are presented in abstract.rn3 ConclusionsrnThrough the exploration of this article, we can get the following four conclusions:rn1)The concept of flexible pipe beam proposed in theory and the strategy of modeling by using the principle of cumulative recursion method realize the establishment of constitutive relation of flexible pipe beam and form a complete set of design method correspondingly;rn2)The example shows that the calculation method is not only feasible but also

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