32th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences

03.4 - Applied Aerodynamics


T. Wanš, M.-H. Tsaiš; šTamkang Univ., Taiwan, China

Quad-rotor or multi-rotor aerial vehicle generally has high maneuverability and easy to control characteristics, and its flexible in scale is particularly suited for rescue and modern commercial missions, but still fragile to severe weather impact. Here we consider the environmental effects to measure its performance degradation level. In order to realize the weather effect, a flight vehicle energy equation to measure flight performance in terms of quantitative parameter is derived. The single rotor motions are then validated with experiment, and the quad-rotor performance parameter under different atmospheric conditions are simulated and compared. Both the quad-rotor and gusty wind motions are activated and implemented in current research. From the performance parameter values under different weather conditions, it can show how much rotor rpm has to increase in order to maintain the same calm weather flight performance. It is believed that the information gained in this work will be useful in the future design of quad-rotor or multi-rotor aerial vehicles.

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