31th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences

01 - Aircraft Design and Integrated Systems


E. Vogiatzis¹, R. Chaitanya Munjulury¹, P. Krus¹; ¹Linköping University, Sweden

Unification of several tools in the conceptual design process helps for a better communication and enhances the investigation of the aircraft under consideration. A collaboration is needed so that the data can be exchanged for collaboration within the framework and partners. The work presented aims at fulfilling the need of the aeronautical engineers to exchange their data with ease between their tools. The awareness of this demand leads to the inspiration of this project and its aim to introduce a way for easier data sharing where it is applicable, not only for the included aircraft conceptual design applications in this project but for further applications created by other aeronautical engineers. The tools used in this work are BeX, PreSTo-Cabin, OpenVSP, RAPID, and CPACS. BeX is used for initial geometry design and sizing. PreSTo-Cabin for designing the cabin of the initial design. OpenVSP is used to obtain initial 3D geometry and RAPID for a more detailed geometry. Finally, all the data is saved in CPACS data format and used for communicating between the tools and exchange of data with partners.

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