31th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences

05 - Propulsion


M. Kowalskiš, A. Jankowskiš; šAFIT, Poland

The paper present novel results of research of combustion engine fuelled by an emulsion of water and fuel, and fuelled by emulsion of FAME and water with different water content in the range of 5-25%. Water can be incorporated into fuels in two forms: microemulsions rn(10-10 m) and macroemulsions (10-6 m). Microemulsions are especially suitable for if the fuel stability. They require higher surfactant concentrations, especially at high water concentrations. On the other hand, macroemulsions require lower surfactant concentrations. It characteristic also poses a stability challenge, because water tends to settle over time, when the fuel is kept quiescent. It therefore seems appropriate to a strong increase in the degree of dispersion of water droplets in the emulsion by applying the methods to obtain the size of water droplets on nanometric range. This should dramatically improve both the stability of emulsion and its influence on the chemical effects of combustion in engine. rnThe use of microemulsion of water-fuel improves the combustion process through the interaction of microparticles of water, and improves the process of preparing the mixture as a result of microexplosion of water microparticles.rnThe engine test results show that the best results for both fuel consumption and exhaust emissions are for water content of 15%rn

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