31th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences

03.2 - Experimental Aerodynamics


X. Zhao¹, N.-Z. Huang¹, X. Liang¹, P. Zhou¹, W.-P. Song¹, Y.-F. Lin, China Helicopter Research and Development Institute, China; ¹Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

The employment of rigid coaxial rotor wing in high speed compound helicopter helps to enhance the cruising speed significantly. However, compared to traditional coaxial rotors, rigid coaxial rotor is quite close to each other, resulting in a strong flow interaction between them. rnIn order to investigate the performance of each rotor, to analyze the torque and thrust varying with pitch angle, rotating speed and stage distance, and to evaluate the influence factors comparing to the single rotor?the hovering test rig is designed and measurement are carried out for the coaxial rotor. rnThe experiment serves a validation to the CFD method. In the next step of the work, the flow field of the coaxial rotor will be measured by the Particle Image Velocimetry, and the blade-vortex interaction will be investigated, and the research of this paper will be the basis of them.rn

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