31th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences

03.1 - Aerodynamics - CFD Methods and Validation


B.Y. Chen, China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics, China

Hypersonic gliders with high lift-to-drag ratio, including waveriders, are one of the focuses on hypersonic vehicles design and development. Longitudinal stability characteristics analysis and design is crucial for the design of a hypersonic glider. However, longitudinal stability design criteria have yet been developed for this type of aircrafts. In this work, longitudinal stability criterion is derived based on a simplified hypersonic glider model and the Newton theory. The critical geometric parameter determining the longitudinal stability of the glider is identified from the criterion. Qualitative and quantitative correlations between the geometric parameters and the longitudinal stability are analyzed using a series of simplified hypersonic glider examples. The analysis results are verified using a CFD method for the simplified glider models. Then the longitudinal design criteria are applied to design a longitudinal stable self-trimmed waverider. In order to meet the criteria, the waverider is generated using a waverider design method based on shock-fitting technique. The CFD simulation results show that the waverider is longitudinally stable self-trimmed at the designed angle of attack, as the longitudinal design criteria expects.

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