31th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences

03.1 - Aerodynamics - CFD Methods and Validation


A. Viviani, University of Campania, Italy; G. Pezzella, Italian Aerospace Research Centre, Italy

The paper reports on the CFD results of design analyses of a next generation expendable launcher. The vehicle features a hummer head cylinder main body with two boosters. The primary work aim is the flow simulation of the vehicle during ascent with and without rocket plume to address this effect in the preliminary aerodynamic database of the launcher. This numerical investigation integrates the aerodynamic appraisal of the launcher carried out so far and summarized in several research contributions. In this framework, full 3-D CFD analyses have been extensively performed between Mach 0.5 and 5. The rocket plume is accounted in the simulation by means of a proper boundary condition at launcher/booster base.

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