31th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences

08 - Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management


H. Abramovich¹, N. Broitman¹, A. Shirizly¹; ¹Technion, I.I.T., Israel

Crack propagation properties of Ti-6Al-4V alloy manufactured by laser additive manufacturing method have been evaluated and compared with results obtained from cold rolled samples machined from the same alloy ¾” plate. A good compatibility was found between the AM samples and the machined ones. The manufacturing directions, in the case of AM method do not show any preference, yielding similar results for both the X-Y and X-Z production directions. The HIP heat treatment applied on the AM produced samples does not seem to have an effect on their crack propagation properties. A crack rate reduction phenomenon was found for all the AM samples, which might pose a great advantage for the AM process. Lattice structures, as a way of reducing weight, and yet presenting relative tolerance to fatigue had been tested and two structures were proposed and tested. The preliminary results are encouraging and more tests should be performed before reaching final conclusions regarding this new lattice type structures.rn

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