28th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences, 23 - 28 September 2012, Brisbane, Australia
Paper ICAS 2012-1.6.1


I. Staack, M. V. R. Chaitanya, P. Berry*, T. Melin, K. Amadori*, C. Jouannet*, D. Lunsdström, P. Krus
Linköping Univ., Sweden; *Saab Aeronautics, Sweden

Keywords: aircraft conceptual design, parametric modeling, sizing, xml database

A design framework for the initial conceptual design space is developed. Focal points in this project are a flexible XML database and the close/parallel integration of (automated) CAD. This paper will present the database scheme, the CAD implementation and provide overview of the included aerodynamic and weight estimation tools.

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